Replicate is no longer under developement!

From The Developer:
When it comes to personal training stopwatches are quite common. So I decided to make one specifically for replicating code.


Repricate is also available on the Chrome Web Store


How To Use:

If you don't see anything when launched simply resize the window and you'll be able to add in your code.

  • The top left box is the code that'll be replicated.
  • The bottom left box is the preview window.
  • and
  • The right box is where you'll do all your coding.
  1. Type/Paste the code you want to replicate in the top left box
  2. When ready to replicate, press "Start Timer" and begin.
  3. Once completed you'll be alerted with "You've completed the code in (your-time)".

Put your coding skills to the test with Repricate!